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We decided to document the journey of building The Fellas Golf. Everything from the inception of the idea and brand to ordering our first products, designing a logo and how we've launched the brand. Lachy and Mike catch up over a drink to discuss work completed, what's proving more difficult than originally anticipated and what the future focus is for the brand.

Episode One:

  1. Why we decided to jump on a podcast
  2. The idea for The Fellas Golf
  3. Background - The Fellas Socks
  4. What products we’re launching with and how we’re sourcing them
  5. Different polo shirt materials and the sampling process
  6. Surprises along the way
  7. Friends and family launch - May 2021
  8. Inaugural golf trip - Adelaide
  9. Introduction of 'Golf League'


Episode Two:

  1. Branding / Marketing
  2. Logo Design
  3. Brand Guidelines
  4. Tone of Voice 
  5. Brand Manifesto
  6. Social & Content
  7. New Warehouse
  8. Fellas Golf Club / eCRM
  9. The 'build-a-business' to-do list
  10. Inaugural Fellas Golf Trip
  11. Website - Shopify
  12. Phase 2 product concepts


Episode Three:

This week we discuss: 
  1. The inaugural (Adelaide) Golf Trip wrap-up
  2. The Green (winners) Jacket
  3. Product updates:
    • Hats - buckets, truckers, samples and more
    • Polos
    • Gloves
    • New golf rules
    • Lach's shitty new feedback segment
    • Golf Facts
    • A quick update on the warehouse 

This week's show is brought to you by absolutely no one. Why would we have a sponsor?


Episode Four:

This week on The Fellas Golf Podcast, we chat a whole lot of rubbish as well as:

  1. We’re live! We've recently (soft) launched to Friends & Family
  2. We've had three video/photo shoots. We discuss what content we created and why, in the context of social media sales funnels.
  3. What Shopify apps we've installed and what they do
  4. Upcoming games to fuel content pipeline - Off to the Morningtin Peninsula!
  5. Initial feedback from friends & family who have shared what they think of the our kit!
  6. Cart girls - wtf?!
  7. New polos, shorts & procurement options. We chat through the four new polos that we've ordered and what other products are on the horizon.
  8. Golf Facts


Episode Five:

G'day Golfers, this week on The Fellas Golf Podcast there's more dribble as well as: 

  1.  COVID-19 in Sydney
  2.  Delivery delays. The recent courier delays here in Australia and their implications for an e-commerce business
  3.  New Polos - four new styles live for Q4 2021
  4.  Samples we're currently looking at, including:
    1.  Nine New Polos
    2.  Hats
    3.  Shorts
    4.  Quarterzips
  5. Golf trips - Mornington Peninsula is no more, we're off to Gerroa on Sydney's South Coast Instead
  6. Future Golf Membership and how we plan to use it over the next 12 months